Urhobo Historical Society
Patrick Lawani Advocated A Common Front
For Edos and Deltans in the Niger Delta Crisis
December 2, 1999

Subject: [edo-community] Re: Fw: INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES TO INVASION
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:43:17 +0200
From: "Patrick E Lawani " <pelawani@realnet.co.sz>
To: "Nowamagbe Omoigui M.D." <nowa@RICHMED.MEDPARK.SC.EDU>,
Peter Ekeh <ppekeh@acsu.buffalo.edu>
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My Dear Peter,

I agree with you that, we of Edo State should not see this problem as only that of Deltans or the Ijaws, we are all involved. I have not been personally happy at the way things have been done at Odi. It is not a popular opinion that we are not with you. Though there was a time our people from Odi would have backed down and I am also sure that the President was forced by the prevailing circumstance to take the decision it took about the land. Although, the President was not quite honest in these things; I do not understand for instance why the President would give an ultimatum to the State governor knowing fully well that the governor does not have the power nor the ability to apprehend and bring to justice, perpetrators of those dastardly acts.

My dear brothers, accept my sympathy, reducing a whole village to rumbles is not my wish for any people let alone for my beloved Ijaw people.