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Mr. Godwin Odia Praises President Olusegun Obsanjo For Handling The Situation In Bayelsa "Astutely"
November 28, 1999

Subject: [edo-community] Re: If I were Obasanjo - by Alamieyesegha
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 13:30:03 -0700
From: "Godwin Odia" <godia@cybertrails.com>
To: "Nowamagbe Omoigui M.D." <nowa@RICHMED.MEDPARK.SC.EDU>,
CC: <edo-community@egroups.com>

I commend the Governor for his comments. Obasanjo should be praised for handling the situation very astutely. Placing the military in the hands of the governor in this operation was the wisest move by the president given the volatile situation. In a country where a governor has no authority over any security apparatus, Bayelsa governor was in no position to control the hoodlums who appears to have other aims other than their stated goals.

While I support the federal government's presence in the state and the development of the state and indeed other regions of the country, we cannot allow lawlessness to take control over reasoning. No monetary value can be placed on the worldwide bad press given the country by these hoodlums bent on destabilizing a young state and by extension the fledgeling democracy.

I agree with President Obasanjo's recent comments that a criminal is criminal and is a criminal no matter their ethnicity and their location. They must be flushed out and placed where they belong - behind bars - until they agree to abide by the rules of law. The current situation outside Lagos being perpetuated by some Youruba hoodlums should equally be condemned. Nigeria should have no place for hoodlums with ethnic agendas.

Godwin Odia