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Phil Oviasogie, President-Edo Association Of Florida, Inc., Praises Obaseki's Contribution, Implores Edos To Ask For Their Rights
November 28, 1999

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Dear Dr. Obaseki:

I read your posting in the Edo Community Newsgroup and was saddened to know that the Edo people are also victims of the same illegal practices of the Nigerian Government . It has always been a concern to me that when oil is discovered in our territory, we may never benefit from it. What I hate in life is for someone to take advantage of me. It is not my position to judge the people that are engaged in this present struggle to regain their God-given rights. One has to be in their shoes to know exactly what they are going through.We should appreciate the fact that God placed these people, including our people in those areas that they occupy in Nigeria and it is illegal for anyone under the guise of government to appropriate what is not legally theirs. I believe all the people of the Niger Delta have been dealt a bad hand by a few people outside the Niger Delta Region in the name of Nigerian Government. I believe the Land Use Decree was designed to rob people of the Niger Delta of their rights, including Edo people. The status quo is not acceptable. The decree must be repealed because it was forced upon the people. Every Nigerian must enjoy the same property rights as is enjoyed by citizens of other countries( e.g. the  UnitedStates of America).According to the Land Use Decree, all Nigerians are tenants of the Nigerian government. No one has title to land,the government gives you 99 years lease which is renewable. This is outright robbery.All they care about is our oil, they don't care about the Edo people and their well-being. The Edo Community around the world must make this a priority now in all our agenda. All oil drilling in Edo Land must stop until there is a clear understanding and an acceptable agreement between the Edos and the present Nigeria Government regarding revenue sharing. Anything short of 50/50
partnership is not acceptable. The Edo people must not sit back and let this be business as usual. These people are stealing from us and making themselves and their families rich from resources in our land. Enough is enough, we must take action now,for us , our children and our posterity. Brothers and Sisters, let us work together for a common cause. The future of our people is in our hands. Let the discussions start now and let these discussions lead to serious actions.

Phil Oviasogie, President-Edo Association Of Florida, Inc.