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A Profile of

E. A (Amy). Akpofure ( Ph.D in Wood Science, University of Ibadan-experiments done in Oxford, 1992) is a trained specialist in sustainable environmental management and natural resources business development with in depth familiarity of the environmental and natural resources management issues facing the developing countries, including supervising environmental impact assessment and management planning exercises for all major industrial and natural resources based sector projects. She has over 15 years of professional experience and leadership in the area of natural resources management, including carrying out and overseeing EIA work interfacing between private and public sector organizations in the field of environmental management and preparing sustainable business development plans. Her clients have included all major oil companies and services companies, state governments, non-governmental organizations and private sector companies.

Dr Akpofure is also the founder/President of Women Development Partners, an NGO dedicated to the education, empowerment, development and future research into women affairs in Nigeria.


 Environmental Management Resources Supervisor

 Dr Akpofure is the founder and Chief Executive of Opulence Environmental Services Limited, a company through which she has provided environmental and Institutional strengthening guidance and environmental Engineering for the re-vegetation and restructuring of the Mangrove Ecosystem, which has been degraded through the exploration and production of Oil and Gas in the Niger Delta and the Combating of desertification in the northern states of Nigeria due to desert encroachment. She is also the founder and chief research officer of The International Institute of Mangrove Research Nigeria.

Environmental Impact Assessment Analyst

 Dr Akpofure has planned, designed and executed EIA for major field Development Project for the production of Oil and Gas and is the co founder and is the chief research officer on impact assessment for Psycho-Morphological Learning Exchange Network (PLEN), she is also the founder of IAIAnig. and has been a special adviser to the newly formed Ministry of Environment on Environmental Impact Assessment and has also been a lecturer and a resource person in many of the Ministry's workshops and seminars.

 She has written, edited, lectured and consulted widely in the field of Forestry and Environmental Management. She has also supervised the development of courses and seminars, and taught both undergraduates and graduates students on principals of natural resources and sustainable management of plantations, and decision analysis to determine optimal sustainable development options. Taught courses in wood processing and utilization, to undergraduate and post graduate students and have also supervised undergraduate and graduate thesis on topics in mangrove re-vegetation and sustainable Natural Resources management and development and Agro - Forestry methods at the State University of Science and Technology, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She has also established several Mangrove and Agro-forestry plantations in several parts of Nigeria.

Projects in Progress include:

 Social Impact assessment of AIDS in the Niger Delta, Environmental management as a source of employment for the youths of the Niger Delta, also currently involved with an International project to promote "equity, prosperity and tranquility in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Research into the Psycho-morphological statutes of the various communities in the Niger Delta region in order to arrest the ongoing crises and conflicts and move forward is ongoing.