Genocide for Oil in the Niger Delta


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Genocide for Oil in the Niger Delta



The Nigerian Government has ordered the killing of 20 million people representing the entire population of the Niger Delta so that the North and West population can live in peace.


Since 13.05.09 Nigerian military has been on the rampage, killing civilian population, burning down houses and creating a humanitarian disaster in Niger Delta villages. The worse is yet to come.


An eye witness information has today (27.05.09) confirmed to us that nine villages have been destroyed and that he heard Nigerian soldiers boasting that they killed men, women and children and that those who were able to escape were driven into the bush where snakes and other dangerous animals killed them.

Children who could not run but turned to them for protection, they the soldiers injected with chemicals so that they will go and die later thus, preventing them growing up to become militants.

This eye witness account collaborates Amnesty Internationalís report on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Niger Delta being enacted by the Nigerian Government


This tragedy is being enacted by the Nigerian Government on the pretence of ridding the region of militant youths so that the rest of the country can live in peace. The reality is the desire to exterminate human life from the oil producing region in order to end agitation for the protection of lives and environment, education, electricity, pipe borne water, affordable health care; employment; basic infrastructure, end to the militarism in the region; right to participate in electoral process, right to a just society amongst other basic human right amenities.


Since 13 May 2009 the people of the Niger Delta, particularly women and children, have continued to bear the brunt of the anger and destruction being visited on the region by the Nigerian Government through the Joint Task Forces composed of the countryís security forces


According to Amnesty International the Nigerian military Joint Task Force has been conducting land and air strikes on communities across the Warri South and South West Local Government perceived as the base for armed groups. Hundreds of people are now feared dead.


The Nigerian militaryís Joint Task Force continues to use helicopters equipped with machine guns against civilian population and attacking communities within the Delta. According to Amnesty International report, on 15.05.09 around 500 people who gathered to participate in a yearly festival were attacked by Nigerian forces.  


This military attack by the Nigerian Government of women and children to prevent future militancy amounts to ethnic cleansing and the killing of Jews in Ardorf Hitlerís Germany during the Second World War.  PLEASE STOP THIS DISASTER IN THE 21ST CENTURY


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