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Source:         "Military Coup of 15th January 1966" (Part 3)
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Leaked [Police] Special Branch Report:
"Military Rebellion of 15th January 1966"
Part II

By Nowamagbe Omoigui, MD, MPH, FACC

This is the Police Report on the official investigation into the coup of 15 January 1966. It was prepared by Police Special Branch Interrogators based on interviews with soldiers, other ranks and some officers who had been arrested after the mutiny.

None of the soldiers and officers involved had come to formal trial in a court-martial as of the time of the July 29 1966 "counter-coup". Indeed the fact they were not court-martialed was one of the grievances listed by those officers who carried out the unfortunate operations of July 28-August 1, 1966.

The coup report was released to very few individuals in Nigeria and certain foreign governments in early August 1966 - and then leaked. The remainder of the report which allegedly implicated certain other persons has apparently never been released widely to this day. It exists, we are on its trail - and shall publish it on sight.


50. Major Chukuka assisted by 2/Lt G Onyefuru and the other ranks

NA 160152    Sgt. NN Ugongene - No. 1 Signal Squadron

NA 18150196  Sgt. H. Okibe - No. 1 Signal Squadron

NA  154544   Sgt. B. Anyanwu - Camp - HQ 2 Bde NA

NA 403298    Sgt. L. Egbukichi - Army HQ (LGO)

NA  18150416  Sgt. P. Iwueke - HQ 2 Bde NA

had by then accomplished the arrest of Lt. Col. JY Pam and was being guarded inside a landrover in the Mess premises.  Majors Chukuka and Anuforo held a brief discussion after which both Majors entered the Landrover.  The driver was ordered to proceed to Ikoyi.

51. At a point inside Ikoyi the landrover was stopped and both Majors descended.  Major Anuforo ordered Lt. Col. Pam to leave the vehicle, which he did.  Major Anuforo then spoke to him and told him that he was going to be killed and would do well to say his prayers first. Lt. Col. Pam pleaded but Major Anuforo remained adamant, stating that he was carrying out orders.  Then without warning Major Anuforo fired a burst from his SMG into Lt. Col. Pam's body killing him on the spot.

52. Major Anuforo then ordered the NCOs in the landrover to come down and load the dead body into the vehicle.  The men, who were shocked and frightened by the killing were reluctant to comply with this order and refused to leave the vehicle until Major Anuforo pointed his SMG at them and threatened to kill them unless they did as they were told.  They then obeyed and loaded the corpse.  The party then drove back to the Federal Guard Officers Mess where the body was off-loaded and placed alongside the bodies of Col. Mohammed and Lt. Col. Unegbe.


53. The assassination of Brigadier Z. Mai-Malari as originally conceived in the conspirators Master plan failed.

54. Major DO Okafor and Captain Oji were present at HQ 2 Bde when troops were being mustered and issued with arms and ammunition. When these arrangements had been completed these two officers entered Major Okafor's personal car accompanied by the following ORs from No. 1.

Signal Squadron:

NA 500611     L/Cpl B Okotto

NA  18150074  L/Cpl  P Esekwe

55. They drove direct to the Federal Guard Unit in Dodan Barracks, Ikoyi, where, in the meantime, Lt. Ezedigbo and 2/Lt. Igweze had roused additional troops and arranged for the issue  of arms and ammunition. By the time the troops were ready for the alleged IS operations, Major Okafor and Captain Oji had arrived at the barracks and were at the Unit guardroom. Major Okafor ordered that troops mount into 2 Federal Guard Landrovers detailed for the operation by Ezedigbo

56. Federal Guard personnel detailed for this operation were the following:

NA 3785      Sgt. SA Umch

NA 18150997  Sgt.  N. Ibundu

NA 18149870  L/Cpl N. Noji

NA 3995      L/Cpl HH Okeke

NA 18149870  L/Cpl P. Nnah

NA 1706      Pte.  J. Ogu

NA 18149723  Pte.  S. Eke

NA 18141571  Pte.  I. Onoja

NA 18148787  Pte.  JF Enunehe

NA 18149970  Pte.  J  Abaye

NA 3695      Pte.  CS Dede

NA 18151261  Pte.  S. Adekunle

57. The following vehicles were used:

Landrover NA 773 - driven by Pte. I Onoja

Landrover NA 957 - driven by L/Cpl N. Noji

58. The party drove direct to the house of Brigadier Z. Mai-Malari at 11 Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi.  This is a corner house and situated at the point where Brown road runs into Thompson Avenue.  On arrival at their destination, the troops were dismounted and divided into three sections commanded as shown:

No. 1 Section - Captain Oji

No. 2 Section - 2/Lt C Igweze

No. 3 Section - Sgt. SA Umch (in reserve)

59. The reserve section under Sgt. Umch was ordered to take post in a dark place opposite the house.  The three officers, followed by their men then entered the compound which was guarded by NCOs and men of the 2 Battalion NA.  Major Okafor ordered the Sentry to call the Guard Commander whom he informed that the situation was bad and that he, Okafor, had come to take over the guard. He instructed the Guard Commander to assemble his men and to take them back to his unit.  The Guard Commander, according to some of the ORs interrogated, replied that he could not obey this order as he had received no instructions to that effect.  Major Okafor and Captain Oji overruled the Guard Commander's objections and entered the compound

60. Whilst Major Okafor was pre-occupied with the guard the telephone in the downstairs lounge of the Brigadier's house started to ring.  Some of the men present, including 2/Lt. Igweze, have stated that the Brigadier came downstairs to answer the telephone. No sooner had he picked up the receiver than a burst of SMG fire was heard in the compound.  This was Captain Oji firing at a member of the Brigadier's Guard, a L/Cpl of 2 battalion.  The L/Cpl was killed and his body later placed into Major Okafor's Landrover.  At the same time, L/Cpl Paul Nwekwe of 2 Brigade Signal Troop who was on gaurd in the front of the main gate to the compound, was hit in the neck by a bullet, thought to be a richochet.

61. Brigadier Mai-Malari, alerted to the presence of Major Okafor's force in his compound by Captain Oji's burst of fire dropped the telephone and, followed by his wife, was observed running into the boy's quarters.  From there he escaped into the road, and it is thought, tried to make his way to the Federal Guard Barracks.

62. According to the ORs interrogated, Major Okafor flew into a rage when he discovered that the Brigadier had escaped and bitterly blamed the men of the Federal Guard for not shooting the Brigadier when they saw him running towards the boy's quarters.  He then ordered all present that the Brigadier must be shot on sight.

63. Major Okafor then jumped into the landrover driven by L/Cpl Noji.  He informed 2/Lt Igweze that he was going to get "that man" and to arrange for more troops to come to the Brigadier's House.  He drove around the area for some time but failed to find the Brigadier.  By the time he returned to 11 Thompson Avenue, Major Ademoyega and Captain Adeleke had arrived there in a landrover driven by L/Cpl D. Omeru.

Major Ademoyega had already informed Captain Oji that the Brigadier had been killed and that he had seen his body at the Federal Guard.  Captain Oji was overheard telling Okafor that "the Jack had been killed".  It is presumed that by "the Jack" Oji meant the Brigadier. Major Okafor then informed the troops with him that Brigadier Mai-Malari had been killed by men from another unit.

64. The time, by then, was nearly 0400 hrs.  captain Oji was ordered by Major Okafor to proceed to 2nd Battalion in Ikeja to check the situation there.  The Captain left in landrover NA 773 accompanied by Sgt. H. Irundu, L/Cpl H Okeke, Pte. S. Adekunle and Pte. I Onoja.

65. As stated elsewhere in this report, Major Ifeajuna and his convoy, after the abduction of the PM and the Finance Minister, drove towards the Federal Guards Officers mess where he made a brief stop and then proceeded toward Ikoyi Hotel, still with the PM in the car.  At a point in the Golf course, adjacent to a petrol station Brigadier Mai-Malari was walking towards Dodan Barracks when he saw Major Ifeajuna's car.  The Brigadier recognized his Brigade Major Ifeajuna and shouted and beckoned him to stop. Then Ifeajuna stopped the car and accompanied by 2/Lt Ezedigbo went towards Brig. Mai-Malari and killed him.

66. After the Brigadier had been killed, his body was loaded into the 3-Tonner and driven to the Federal Guard Officers' Mess.


67. Although not initially alloted to Major Ifeajuna as a target for assassination, Major Ifeajuna proceeded to Ikoyi Hotel to kill Lt. Col. Largema.  On arrival at the hotel Major Ifeajuna told the receptionist on duty that he had an urgent message for Lt. Col. Largema of Room 115.

The time was between 0330 and 0400.  He then asked the hotel receptionist to supply him with the master key which can open all doors in the hotel but was told that this was not available.  He then ordered the receptionist to lead him to the room in which Lt. Col. Largema was staying, warning the receptionist on the way that he would be shot if he refused to comply with whatever he might be ordered to do.

68. On their arrival on the first floor Major Ifeajuna, accompanied  by 2/Lt Ezedigbo instructed the hotel receptionist to knock on the door of Lt. Col. Largema and to inform him that he was wanted on the telephone.  It should be pointed out here that rooms in this hotel have no telephones.  There are situated in small alcoves in the corridors. In the case of Room 115, the telephone alcove is only a few paces away.

69. Lt. Col Largema responded and came out dressed in pyjamas and slightly dazed by sleep.  In the meantime the two armed soldiers had stepped back into the corner near the lifts from where they could not be observed by Lt. Col. Largema when he came out of his door.  The Lt. Col. then picked up the receiver, which was off the hook.  At this moment both the soldiers near the lift opened fire with their SMG. Lt. Col. Largema fell down and died.

70.   The killers went downstairs and called the third man to come up.  Between the three of them they then carried the dead body down the stairs and deposited it on the floor.  They then called yet another soldier from the Mercedes car who helped the other three to carry the body to the car.  The whole party then drove off.

71. When Major Ifeajuna and party returned to the Federal Guards Officers' Mess he learnt that the GOC was in town and was organizing 2nd Battalion NA at Ikeja to attack the rebels.  He was then joined by Major Okafor and they drove off together in Major Ifeajuna's car.

At the Yaba Military Hospital they dropped 2/Lt Ezedigbo who had been wounded in the encounter with Brigadier Mai-Malari. The time was about 0400 hrs.  Major Ifeajuna drove away on to the Abeokuta road.  On the way they stopped and Ifeajuna asked the PM out of the car whence he shot and killed him.  When he and Okafor became certain that the PM was dead they left the body in the bush at a point beyond Otta on the Lagos to Abeokuta road.  They then opened the boot of the car and dropped the body of Lt. Col. Largema near that of the PM.

They then drove on to Abeokuta.  On the way after Abeokuta two other soldiers in the car were dropped and told to find their way back to Lagos whilst Ifeajuna and Okafor proceeded to Enugu. They arrived Enugu at about 1415 hours and proceeded to the Premier's Lodge where they held discussion with Dr. MI Okpara, then Premier of Eastern region, after which they separated and went into hiding. Ifeajuna eventually escaped to Ghana where he was received by the former President Kwame Nkrumah who sent him to Winneba to stay with SG Ikoku.

72. At the Federal Guard Officers' Mess the corpses of Brigadier Mai-Malari, Col. Mohammed, Lt. Col. Pam and Lt. Col. Unegbe were loaded into a 3-tonner lorry in which was sitting Chief Okotie-Eboh still alive.  The time was then about 0330 hours.

73. By this time Major A. Ademoyega and Major CI Anuforo were present on the Mess premises.  Major Ifeajuna having departed, these two officers took command of his men and vehicles.  They mounted into Major Anuforo's Peugeot car accompanied by 2/Lt Igweze.   Major Ademoyega entered the landrover.

74. On the instructions of Major Anuforo, the little convoy moved off with Anuforo leading.  They traversed Lagos and went along Abeokuta road.  At a given point, unidentifiable by the men interrogated, Major Anuforo stopped the convoy and he, 2/Lt Igweze and Major Ademoyega left their vehicles.  They came to the tailboard of the 3-Ton truck and detailed a number of men to take position in front and to the rear of the convoy with instructions to stop and turn back all approaching traffic.

75. Major Anuforo then ordered the four corpses to be unloaded onto the road.  The bodies were then carried into the bush on the left hand side of the road. Major Anuforo then observed FS Okotie-Eboh still seated in the truck and asked the question:  "Who is that man"?, which leads to the belief that, until then, Anuforo was unaware of the presence of Okotie-Eboh in the truck.  The Finance Minister replied "I am Okotie-Eboh".

Major Anuforo then ordered the Minister to step down. The latter complied, whereupon Major Anuforo informed him that he was going to be shot.  The Minister commenced to plead for his life.  This met with little or no response from Anuforo who is reported as having confined himself to stating that he was acting under orders. The Minister was then forced to go into the bush, pushed along by Major Anuforo and Major Ademoyega and followed by 2/Lt Igweze and Sgt. Ndukaife to the spot where the bodies of the 4 senior officers had been deposited. Arriving there, without hesitation, Major Anuforo killed Okotie-Eboh with a short burst from his SMG.

77. Major Anuforo then returned to the road followed by the others but leaving 2/Lt Igweze, Cpl. Egwim, L/Cpl Nwankpa and Cpl. Nweke on guard over the five bodies.

78. The convoy drove off and returned later, accompanied by 3 Ferret scout cars which had been obtained from 2 reconnaisance Squadron at Abeokuta. Four spades were brought out from the landrover and used to dig graves for the burial of the corpses.  The graves were dug by Cpl. C. Egwim, Cpl Z Chukwu, L/Cpl J Nwankpa and private N.A. Evulobi. When this task had been completed, they all boarded their respective vehicles and drove off to Lagos.


79. These three cases have been treated jointly as they are of lesser importance and because the officers and men involved left Apapa together in the same vehicle

80. Although it is probable that the officers concerned in the occupation of these vulnerable points were fully aware of the purpose of their activities of that night, they have all denied this.  It is certain that none of the ORs involved received any advance information on this subject.


81. After the distribution of arms and ammunition at HQ 2 Brigade, 2/Lt PN Okocha and 2/Lt OC Anyafulu were allotted a Landrover and 3 Ors and instructed to proceed to the P & T Exchange by Major A. Ademoyega and to wait there until he, Ademoyega, joined them

82. They drove there and, after waiting for a very short time, Major Ademoyega arrived in another Landrover accompanied by other officers and men.  The Major went straight to the main door and knocked.  The door was opened by one of the employees and Major Ademoyega, 2/Lt Okocha and 2/Lt Anyafulu entered, accompanied by the Ors.  The Major sent the 2/Lieutenants upstairs with orders to bring down all the workers from the Exchange, whilst the 3 soldiers were ordered to guard the three entrance doors of the building.

83. When all the workers were assembled, Major Ademoyega addressed them and ordered them not to pass any calls.  He reassured them that there was no danger and advised them not to panic. He told them that he was leaving the two 2/Lts and the soldiers at the Exchange to ensure that his orders were obeyed. After speaking to the officer in charge of the exchange, Major Ademoyega instructed the 2/Lts not to molest any of the workers leaving instructions that they must not leave there until he, Ademoyega, returned to collect them.

84. Neither of these officers have admitted that they took any steps to ensure that the automatic exchange would cease to function.  An automatic exchange does not depend upon any human agency to continue functioning and it must, therefore, be accepted that one of these officers interfered with the installation.

85. At 0500 hours 2/Lt Okocha complained that he was unwell and left in the landrover that had brought them there.  2/Lt Anyafulu and the 3 ORs remained in the exchange until about 0645 hours.  Seeing no sign of Major Ademoyega, Anyafulu became worried.  The workers of the day shift began to arrive but were prevented from entering by the soldiers. He then decided to return to his unit.  He gave the soldiers some money to enable them to travel back to Apapa by bus.  He too returned to Apapa in a commercial bus and remained in his office until arrested.


86. After the distribution of arms and ammunition at HQ 2 Brigade, Major A. Ademoyega ordered the following officers and ORs to enter with him into a landrover driven by L/Cpl Umoru:

Captain GS Adeleke

2/Lt NS Wokocha

2/Lt ES Nweke

NA 18149089  Sgt. E. Ogbu - Army HQ (LGO)

NA 18150419  Cpl. H Nwegu - 1 Signal Squadron

NA  504344 Cpl. B Nwuogu - Army HQ (LGO)

NA 18150320  L/Cpl  R Ejimkonye - 1 Signal Squadron

NA 504221  Sgt. F Agonsi - 1 Signal Squadron

NA 18151015  Sgt. F. Eke - 1 Signal Squadron

NA 18150647  Cpl.  JC Iroegbulam - 1 Signal Squadron

NA 1810641  Cpl. Esonu - 1 Signal Squadron

NA 18150599  Cpl.  D. Oharuzike- 1 Signal Squadron

87. From Apapa the party drove straight to Lion Building where 2/Lt ES Nweke, Sgt. E Ogbu, Cpl. H Nwegu, Cpl B Nwuogu and L/Cpl B Ejimkonye left the vehicle and entered the building.  Major Ademoyega spoke to the officer in charge and ordered him to cease receiving or transmitting all messages. He introduced 2/Lt Nweke as the officer who would see to it that his orders were obeyed.  Major Ademoyega and Capt. Adeleke then drove away.

88. 2/Lt. Nweke posted his men in strategic positions to prevent anyone entering or leaving the building and remained inside the building with L/Cpl Ejimkonye to ensure that no messages were received or transmitted. The party remained there until 0820 hours when, in the absence of any further instructions, 2/Lt Nweke and his men traveled to the Federal Guard Barracks in Ikoyi by taxi.  On arrival there they were arrested.

89. There is no doubt that 2/Lt Nweke was fully aware of the fact that his occupation of the NET was connected with the rebellion of which he was informed at the meeting of officers late on 14 Jan 66 in Major Ifeajuna's house in Apapa.


90. As shown in paragraph 85 of this report, Major Ademoyega, accompanied by 2/Lts Wokocha and Nweke left HQ 2 Brigade at Approximately 0200 Hours in a landrover driven by LCpl Umoru, which also contained 9 ORs

91. They arrived at Lion Building around 0220 hours where Major Ademoyega, 2/Lt Wokocha, Sgt. F Agonsi, Sgt. F. Eke, Cpl Iroegbulam, Cpl S. Esonu and Cpl. D. Ohazurike left the vehicles and entered the building. Cpls Ohazurike and Esonu were posted downstairs at the security desk.  Major Ademoyega spoke to the policemen on duty there and told them that they were engaged on military operations.  He ordered them not to answer the telephone nor transmit any telephone messages. The two corporals were instructed to ensure that the police obeyed the Major's orders.

92. Major Ademoyega, 2/Lt Wokocha and the others then proceeded upstairs to the Police Control Room.  Here they found 4 PCs and one WPC on duty.  A SPO, rank not identified was also on duty there. Major Ademoyega spoke to the police and ordered them not to receive or transmit any telephone or radio messages.  He informed the SPO that they were engaged in military operations and that the soldiers were there to protect the Police.

93. At approximately 0320 hours. The GOC, Major General Aguiyi-Ironsi arrived at Lion Building in a Jaguar car.  He entered the lobby holding a pistol in his hand and asked the two soldiers on duty what they were doing there.  They replied that they did not know why they were there and that they had been brought by Major Ademoyega.    They also told the GOC that 2/Lt. Wokocha and some others were upstairs.  The GOC then ordered Cpl. Esonu to go up and to bring down the 2/Lt.     Esonu complied but could not find the control room.  He came down again and informed the GOC of his failure.

94. The GOC, after having asked the men to which unit they belonged, then ordered them to return to their barracks immediately. He added that he did not know what was happening but that he was turning out 2 Battalion to attack the men then engaged on unlawful operations in Lagos.   After this, the GOC left.

95. Cpl. Ohazurike then ordered Esonu to go upstairs again, accompanied by a PC, to find 2/Lt Wokocha and to tell him of the visit of the GOC.  Esonu complied and passed the message to 2/Lt Wokocha.  The latter then decided that it would be wisest to comply with the GOC's orders.  He collected all his men and went to the Ministry of Defence where he succeeded in obtaining transport to take the entire back to Apapa where they arrived around 0430 hours.



96.  As has already been demonstrated, Captain E. Nwobosi, OC 2 Field Battery NNA, was taken into the confidence of the conspirators either on 13 or 14  Jan 66, whilst he was attending a Brigade Training Conference at Apapa.  During the afternoon of 14 Jan 66, he was given a set of written instructions by Major Ifeajuna.

It is probable that these instructions included the arrest of the Premier and Deputy Premier of the West and an order to bring these VIPs to the Federal Guard Officer's Mess.  The instruction also probably included an order to make arrangements for a 105 mm Howitzer to be brought to Lagos after the operation.  This written instruction has not been recovered and was probably destroyed by Capt. Nwobosi after his arrest.

97.  Capt. Nwobosi was further instructed by Major Ifeajuna to stand by his telephone in Abeokuta to await a message giving the all clear and "H" hour.

98.  Capt. Nwobosi returned to Abeokuta, where he arrived around 1800 hrs.  Since the battery which he commanded was in the process of being formed and had not, as yet, been supplied with vehicles, Capt. Nwobosi went to 2 Recce Squadron, also stationed at Abeokuta, where he spoke to Capt. Remawa and 2/Lt. Orok.

He gave them a message purporting to have come from Major OBIENU, CO 2 Recce Sqn, instructing these two officers to supply him, Nwobosi, with one 3-Ton truck and a landrover.  Capt. Remawa agreed and arrangements were made for the vehicles to report to Nwobosi at midnight, with drivers. Later that evening, Capt. Nwobosi received a telephone call from Major Ifeajuna giving him the all clear and giving "H" hour as 0200 hours.

100.  Around midnight, Capt. Nwobosi, woke up 2/Lt. A. A. O. Egbikor of his unit and Sgt. T. Ibolegbu, the acting Battery Sergeant Major (BSM).  He ordered the latter to turn out 25 men for IS operations and to tell the Battery Quartermaster Sergeant (BQMS), Ambrose Chukwu, to prepare all the Unit's stock of small arms and ammunition for immediate issue to the men. Although Capt. Nwobosi claims that he gave no intimation to anyone about the night's operations, the interrogation of the ORs involved has made it clear that around 1930 hours he instructed certain key NCOs to stand-by for IS operations.

101. After the men had been roused, they were issued with arms and ammunition by the BQMS. A total of 15 SLRs and 12 Sterling SMGs were issued. The two officers drew SLRs. When issued, each SLR magazine contained 20 rounds of ammunition, whilst each SMG magazine contained 28 rounds.

102. After the issue of arms, the men now marched to the parade ground where they were addressed by Capt. Nwobosi who informed them that they were proceeding to Ibadan for I.S operations. The men were then ordered to enbus. When this was completed the vehicles contained the following personnel:

(1) Landrover

Capt: E.Nwobosi

NA 504197 BQMS A. Chukwu

NA 2630 Gnr. D. Odiachi

NA 3330 Gnr. I. Ajao

NA Gnr. S. Adefi

NA 5117 Lbdr E. Uloh

NA 5479 Gnr. R. Nwabuisi

NA 5145 Gnr. B. Akau

Driver: NA 2215 Tpr. A. Itodo (2 Recce Sqn)

(2) 3-Ton Truck

2/Lt. A.A.O. Egbikor

NA 502193 Sgt. T. Ebelegbu {acting BSM)

NA 18147640 Sgt. M.E. Ogaga

NA 4175 Gnr. G. Njeku

NA 4266 Gnr. B. Ifezue

NA 18144875 Lbdr. A. Aghar

NA 5792 Gnr. (lllegible)

NA 3208 Gnr. J. Echenim

NA 4195 Gnr. O.Onyekwe

NA 4337 Gnr. S. Ukelenye

NA 18151782 Gnr. B. Mba

NA 5498 Gnr. R. Gbongbo

NA 3094 Gnr. D. Ugbemoiko

NA 5789 Gnr. 0. Dasheet

NA 5675 Gnr. J. Gwaske

NA 4338 Gnr. s. Anukam

103. When all were seated, the convoy moved off to Ibadan. Whilst still in Abeokuta, Capt. Nwobosi stopped to pick up a pregnant woman in labour and take her to the nearest hospital. After this incident, the convoy continued on its way uninterrupted, reaching Ibadan around 0200 hours as planned.

104. They drove straight to the P & T automatic telephone exchange in Agodi, where Capt. Nwobosi and 2/Lt. Egbikor ordered all the employees to leave the building, believing that this would stop all telephone communication in and out of Ibadan. In the event, this was not the case, as the automatic exchange continued to function and telephone communication continued unimpaired throughout the night.

105. From the P&T the force drove to the Eleyele ECN Power Station. Here the employees were ordered to stop the generators and to leave the building. A number of the employees prevailed on Capt. Nwobosi to give them a lift into the town. He obliged and dropped them near Dugbe Market, on his way to the house of R.A. Fani-Kayode.

106. Arrived at the Deputy Premier's residence, the 3- Tonner remained outside and the landrover drove into the compound. Of two policemen on guard at the gate, one escaped and the other was overpowered and put into the landrover. A number of persons believed to have been thugs were seen in the compound, but these absconded when they caught sight of the armed soldiers.

107. All the men were ordered to take up defensive positions around the house. Capt. Nwobosi then shouted "Fani-Kayode: Come down you are for lawful arrest by the army". A voice from upstairs replied affirmatively to the Captain's summons, but nothing stirred. Nwobosi repeated his call once or twice and eventually fired a round from his SLR into the ground. When this failed to produce any reaction from Fani-Kayode, the Captain ordered the following to accompany him into the house:

(1) 2/Lt. A.A.O. Egbikor

(2) BQMS A. Chukwu

(3) Gnr. I. Ajao

(4) Gnr. S. Adefi

(5) Sgt. T. Ibelegbu

108. To gain entrance, Capt. Nwobosi was compelled to break a glass panel in the door with his SLR. He reached in, turned the key and opened the door. The small party then entered and mounted the stairs where they found Fani-Kayode in a bedroom. He raised his hands above his head and said "I surrender". Capt. Nwobosi replied "you have wasted a lot of time - we could have shot you. This is a lawful arrest by the army". Fani-Kayode was then escorted downstairs and put into the landrover after his hands had been tied together, with a rifle sling. From upstairs a-woman's voice was heard shouting "Don't kill him".

109. All the men were then assembled and mounted into their respective vehicles. They drove straight to Premier's Lodge, directed by Fani-Kayode. When they arrived, they had to overpower the police guard consisting of 1 Corporal and 5 PCs. These were put into the 3- Tonner under guard. The landrover then drove in and was parked facing the main entrance porch. At this time the security lights were burning and the lodge emergency generator was running.

110. The men were disposed around the building in strategic positions whilst Capt. Nwobosi went to the generator room to switch off the lights. Whilst he was there according to the landrover driver, Tpr. A. Itodo, a shot was fired. It was believed that this was the shot fired by Capt. Nwobosi, which killed the generator attendant. His body was later found with a bullet wound in the back of the head.

111. It is known that by the time S.L. Akintola had been informed by the wife of R.A. Fani-Kayode of what had happened by telephone. Akintola had returned from Kaduna only a short time before the arrival of Nwobosi and his men. He had been to the North to greet the Sardauna when the latter arrived from Mecca. Akintola must have been further alerted by the commotion caused by the overpowering of the police guard and the killing of the generator attendant.

112. All dispositions having been taken, Capt. Nwobosi stood in the middle of the courtyard and shouted "Akintola come down - you are for lawful arrest by the army on orders from HQ 2 Brigade. A voice from upstairs, presumably that of Akintola, replied "Yes, I am coming" Nothing further happened. Capt. Nwobosi repeated his summons a number of times without reaction from Akintola. He then fired from his SLR one round at the building. When this produced no result, the Captain ordered the following to accompany him into the lodge:

(1) 2/Lt. A.A.O. Egbikor

(2) BQMS A. Chukwu

(3} Gnr. S. Adefi

(4} Gnr. I. Ajao

{5) Gnr. B. Akau

(6) Gnr. J. Gwaske

(7) LIBdr E. Uloh

113. To gain entrance, Captain Nwobosi was compelled to force the main door to the lodge. They all entered and mounted the stairs. On the first floor they searched a number of rooms without encountering anyone, until they came to S.L. Akintola's bedroom which was locked. When Nwobosi was about to force this door, Akintola opened fire from inside the room with an SMG, shooting through the closed door. This first burst of fire immediately wounded Gnr. S. Adefi in the hand, 2/Lt. Egbikor in the head and Capt. Nwobosi on the left cheek. None of the injuries were sufficiently serious to impede them. Nwobosi and his men immediately returned the fire whilst retreating down the stairs. They then left the house in a hurry and sought cover amongst the flowerbeds facing the back building.

114. Two of the men, L/Bdr. Uloh and, Gnr. Ajao remained upstairs and sought refuge in one of the other rooms. Akintola came to the room covering the entrance porch and continued to fire at his assailants with his SMG without, however, hitting anyone. Capt. Nwobosi ordered his men to return the fire which they did, massively. Akintola continued firing until he ran out of ammunition.

115. Around this time R.A. Fani-Kayode was heard shouting from the landrover to Akintola urging him to surrender. Akintola, now defenceless, decided to surrender and was next seen coming out of the front room, by Gnr. Ajao. When Akintola saw Ajao and Uloh he raised his hand in surrender and went downstairs. Capt. Nwobosi in the meantime, was heard shouting repeatedly "bring him out, bring him out".

116. Capt. Nwobosi then ordered 2/Lt. Egbikor and BQMS A. Chukwu to shoot the Premier. These two opened fire on Akintola with their SLRs, joined, shortly afterwards, by Nwobosi himself. S.L. Akintola fell down dead or dying with several bullets in his body.

117. After the killing of Akintola, Capt. Nwobosi assembled his men, released the captured policemen and drove off. This time he was joined in the landrover by 2/Lt. Egbikor. They stopped at a roundabout near the Central Police Station, where Capt. Nwobosi ordered Sgt. T. Ibelegbu to proceed independently to Abeokuta with orders to collect a 105 mm Howitzer from the battery gun park together with a team of 12 gunners, and to drive to 2 Battalion, Ikeja. There, Ibelegbu and his party were to await the arrival of Capt. Nwobosi.

118. On the way out of Ibadan, R.A. Fani-Kayode begged Capt. Nwobosi to be released. The Captain refused this request and informed Fani-Kayode that he had orders to bring him to the Federal Guard Officers' Mess in Lagos.

119. The party drove direct to Dodan Barracks where they arrived around 0700 hours, having left Ibadan at approximately 0400 hours. On their arrival they were all arrested.

120. The party travelling in the 3-Tonner with the 105 mm Howitzer was arrested on arrival in 2 Battalion lines, Ikeja.

Continued in Part Three