LaGuardia Marriot Hotel, Queens, New York City
August 28, 1999


The inaugural meeting of the North American Chapter of URHOBO HISTORICAL SOCIETY was held at LaGuardia Marriot Hotel, Queens, New York City on Saturday, August 28, 1999. This is the first meeting of URHOBO HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Its purpose was to inaugurate the premier chapter of URHOBO HISTORICAL SOCIETY. This inaugural meeting followed two events organized by the Urhobo National Forum at the same venue. First, the Second Mukoro Mowoe Lecture of the Urhobo National Forum delivered by Professor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor and chaired by Dr. Jackson Omene, President of Woodhall Hospital, New York City, with Professor Peter Ekeh as guest of honor. Second, Professor Perkins Foss demonstrated a video recording of a session of Udje, a traditional Urhobo dance.

Two documents were circulated among those attending this inaugural meeting. First, an agenda listing items to be discussed was circulated. Second, a document titled RATIONALE AND PROPOSALS FOR INAUGURATION, which was prepared by Professor Peter Ekeh, Convener of this inaugural meeting, was circulated.

Dr. Joseph Inikori, Professor of History at the University of Rochester, New York, served as the Chairman of the meeting, at the invitation of its Convener. He called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.


The following persons, alphabetically listed, attended this Inaugural Meeting of the URHOBO HISTORICAL SOCIETY: