Philip Ikomi on Meting Structure and Agenda

Subject: Warri Crisis: Meting Structure and Agenda Items
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 20:52:30 -0400
From: "Philip A. Ikomi" <pikomi@osf1.gmu.edu>
To: ppekeh@acsu.buffalo.edu

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following the message hereunder which you have all received, I am now proposing that you send the names and email addresses of the three leaders of each of the three groups -- Ijaws, Itsekiris, and Urhobos -- whom you intend to represent you at the Congress. In addition, let each group send me its proposed agenda directly, without copying anybody else. This non copying will make it confidential as suggested by Dr. Ekeh. (I shall be achieving the same end as Dr. Ekeh who wants all agenda sent by the groups simultaneously so that no group member has the advantage of seeing what is in the others' agenda and thereby modifying theirs before submitting it.) I urge you to submit your agenda items no later than the middle of next week.

When I have received all agenda items, I shall share them with your leadership who will iron out differences in agenda items so that we can have a meeting that addresses the issues that your leadership are comfortable with.

Bolaji has suggested that we adopt Saturday, July 24th 1999 as the target date for the Congress. Let me know by the middle of next week if your group will not be able to attend on that day.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At this point I would like to thank those who have contributed to the discussion so far and to urge others who have not done so to join in.

As of two days ago, there has been in circulation a suggestion by Prof. Aluko for the structure of the meeting. I would like to give you until the middle of next week to add or take from the structure, i.e., modify it and then I would come up with a synthesis of all suggested improvements. We would then give you till the middle of the following week to study and send
in your final drafts for the structure of the meeting. Note that I have so far received only one verbal suggested modification of the structure. I urge you to please send in your suggestions to me without further delay.

I would like to do the same with agenda items, so please, send in your suggestions for the agenda items so that they can be circulated.

Some organizations meet only during the weekends and so it would be necessary to give such organizations time to give us feedback. Hence my giving up to the middle of each week above for responses to come in.


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