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The Executive Director and the Management Committee of the Urhobo National Forum, U.S.A.  are pleased to  invite Urhobos and other Nigerians and friends to the Fourth Annual Mukoro Mowoe Memorial Lecture. This event will take place at the Courtyard Marrriott Hotel, 90-10 Grand Central Parkway, Queens, New York on Saturday, August 25, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. [Phone: 718. 446.4800 Fax: 718. 466. 4886]

The theme for this year’s Lecture is:  NIGERIA: THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA.

GUEST SPEAKER: SALIBA  MUKORO, Ph.D., our invited guest speaker this year, was a Major in the Nigerian Army.   Major Saliba Mukoro was one of the key participants of the April 22, 1990 coup against Ibrahim Babangida’a military dictatorship in Nigeria. Major Mukoro was tipped as Head of State to succeed Babangida .  Major Mukoro attended Government College, Ughelli, and the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna.  Major Saliba Mukoro, who was one of the earliest and few combatant  officers to hold a doctorate degree, obtained a Master of Art's Degree in Criminology and Corrections, and a Ph.D. degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.

Major Mukoro held several positions in the Nigerian Army in his 16 years of military service. These included Commanding Officer, Army Headquarters Provost Battalion, Ojo, Lagos. Major Mukoro , a Niger Deltan, patriot and nationalist  has been living in the United States in exile for a decade.  Major Saliba Mukoro  was granted national pardon along with alleged coup financier, Great Ogboru in 1998.  Major Mukoro  is a much sought-after speaker by several organizations. He was on the cover of  TheNEWS (July 3, 2000), one of Nigeria’s leading news magazines. The title of that extensive interview was, “COUP MAJOR SPEAKS:  IBB’S Plot Against The South …. We struck to stop him.”  Dr. Mukoro  currently serves as an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Mississippi Valley State University - a position he has held for several years. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS LECTURE.

Please, find below a quotation  from one of Major Mukoro’s speeches:

“After a sober and through reflection of Babangida’s activities, I concluded that something needed to be done. After extensive consultation with bright minded military officers and civilians, we agreed, beyond reasonable doubts, that Babangida was fastly digging in and if allowed to complete the digging in scheme, even the strongest Army in the world would not be able to dig him out, and thus we would have a Mobutu on our hands. …... And as such, on April 22, 1990 we launched a counter offensive on Babangida and his junta, crippled his sit-tight agenda, and saved Nigerians from having a Mobutu. ……. His sit tight agenda became a mere wishful dream. Importantly, our successful attack and systematic penetration of his elaborate security fortifications, and his subsequent cowardly escape from the battle zone into hiding…. When the time of reckoning came, he ran and hid like a cockroach..…. After this action, Nigerians were emboldened and the floodgate of criticism against him opened up and succeeded, eventually, in hounding him out of office”.

CHIEF MUKORO MOWOE  (1890-1948) was born at Evwreni, in Ughelli North Local Government area, of Delta State. Chief Mukoro Mowoe is widely known as the most influential, dedicated, selfless Urhobo leader that ever lived. Chief Mowoe joined our ancestors on August 10, 1948. The Urhobo National Forum organizes lectures in August of each year to celebrate the life  and times of this great leader of Urhobo people, Niger Delta and Nigeria.

URHOBO NATIONAL FORUM (U.N.F.) is dedicated to monitoring, evaluating and tackling issues of interests to the Urhobo nation in Nigeria and in diaspora. Each  year U.N.F. awards scholarships to university level students in honour of Chief Mukoro Mowoe. Recipients of these awards are referred to as “Mukoro Mowoe Scholars”

Aruegodore Oyiborhoro
for Urhobo National Forum
July 4, 2001.