Urhobo Historical Society

From Orhoakpor With Love


By Ochuko Tonukari


There is a young lady from Orhoakpor
who’s made Akpor very sweet for me

She makes it with a fire
that takes me higher
The Omote Oyoyovwi from Orhoakpor

This Eguono is very strange indeed
It fills the heart and overflows
I only know that I must cede
And embrace it, I suppose

Our Ehware was an Ungbiku-able Avwere
An idea that is hyperlinked
Of sweetness and warmth, a cold transform
When on paper it is inked

And yet my love is so precise
for a vastness so diffuse
and so I must, myself, devise
a meaning - I must pick and choose

Blind lover trying to understand
What in this Akpor makes me love this Omote from Orhoakpor.

Oh, I think the answer is Avwere,

From Avwere we came into existence.
In Akpor only Avwere we desire to seek.
At the end of our journey’s close,
Into Avwere we retire.