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Despite his blood thirsty actions in the Niger Delta, where his regime has stationed wild troops that rape and rob the people daily in order to silence  them in the struggle for self determination, Obasanjo has embarked on real  vainglorious pursuit.  He has now printed his photographs on several  denominations of the country's postage stamps.  He is on his way to having  his pictures slapped about on currency notes.  In this respect Obasanjo  reminds one of the type of African leader Kofi Annan, the U.N.  Secretary-General described in his interview by William Showcross published  in the Times of London on the 19th of April, 2000.  He said "In many African  countries the wrong kind have made it to leadership.  They see power for the  sake of power and for their own aggrandisement rather than having a real  understanding of the need to improve their countries" or its people.   Everyone knows that General Obasanjo does not know Nigeria's problems.  His earlier experience was to rule the country as a military dictator appointed  by the Northern military in 1976.  They also made him to give up military  rule in 1979.  It was they who brought him back to power after a short spell  in Abacha's death cell.  He pursues their policy, particularly in the Niger  Delta where Abacha had inflicted terror.

Besides sending troops to finish the people in the Niger Delta, in order to silence them in the struggle for self determination, Obasanjo has really  done nothing at all.  As the London based Guardian newspaper of 28/11/2000 put it "president Obasanjo fails to save fellow Christians from the rigour  of Sharia".  But he does nothing to stop Northern Islamic fundamentalists  burning down churches and kill and drive Southerners away.

But he made loads of promises such as attracting business to the country.  But since he came to power not one really investing business has made  enquiries about coming to Nigeria, much more bringing in good money for  investment.  He did not understand the problems of the country to the extent  that he really does not know why no meaningful investor will consider a country like Nigeria held together by military force and where there have  been never ending bloody conflicts of ethnic aspirations aggravated by  warring religions of Christianity and Islam for 40 years.  Only a few  service industries and several shady businesses will find a country like  Nigeria attractive for business.

As much as we can, we have always warned the good people of Nigeria that no sensible and honest business will invest in Nigeria.  The country is a good  hunting ground for shady and corrupt money pursuit.  Everyone has discovered  that it is the fasted regressing country in the world.  All Obasanjo has  done since coming to power is to set up tribunals such as every military  coup leaders did.  Nothing more.  Some of the tribunals reveal what everyone  knows as rumour.  But nothing will come out of any of the tribunals, besides  materials for gossip.  They are all waste of time and money; but they keep
some people feel false sense of betterment.  With respect to business, only  service business will come to Nigeria to work the railways, the electricity,  the roads, the water supply and such like.  Not even a sensible Nigerian  from abroad will think of investing money in Nigeria.  No economy based on  corruption can ever develop.

Obasanjo's regime pretends that it is fighting corruption, but it makes  itself a laughing stock; but it does nothing when people daringly show him  that many people around him are corrupt.  The regime knows that several  people who were not businessmen but military officers, own several houses in  Nigeria, not to mention abroad which many cannot see.  Many have farms and  plantations whose values are much well above the income of any working  person in Nigeria.  It knows all these; but it cannot act.  Yet it blows the  trumpet of fighting corruption.  Obasanjo's regime knows more corrupt people  in Nigeria than the average Nigerian.  But the world have begun to  understand the pretences of the regime.

In December, 2000 a number of journalist cornered the big man Obasanjo, head of the satanic regime in his big farmland worth millions of dollars.  It  functioned for only a short period after he left office in 1979.  Now he thinks it has become the Camp David of Abuja.  It was there that a BBC  correspondent asked Obasanjo a question on his toy killing field in the Niger Delta.  According to report "Obasanjo was particularly sensitive to a  question on the Niger Delta.  When the BBC correspondent, Barnaby Phillips  insisted on more comprehensive answer reminding him of the unsavoury  consequences of Odi in the Niger Delta expedition (where Obasanjo sent his  war planes even on the millennium night and bombed several towns to the  ground killing hundreds at a blow) Obasanjo flared up and, standing up he  shouted telling the journalist that he had no right to come here in Nigeria  and telling him what to do, when in fact the Prime Minister of Britain has committed worse atrocities in Northern Ireland that was never reported". It  was a big man losing his cool shamefully.

But the outburst shows how naive Obasanjo is.  He does not know that since  coming to power the British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair, as gentle as a  dove, has been trying to introduce peace in Northern Ireland where Great  Britain has confirmed through Mr. John Major, a former British Prime  Minister, that she has no financial or other interest whatsoever.  More than  that, Great Britain is in the centre of the world; nothing that the Prime  Minister does can be covered up.  Besides, no British Prime Minister can  ever think of bombing Northern Ireland.  Blood thirsty Obasanjo thinks that there are many like him in the world.  But, having lost his false pretences  that he was a democrat, he is now beating about the bush and, coming out of  his true colour as a most blood thirsty tyrant killer.  The blood of those  his regime killed in 1976 to 1978 during his rule as a military dictator  will ever hunt him to his destruction.  When Abacha incarcerated him in a  solitary death cell, the good people of the world struggled successfully and  saved him.  Less than one year out of the death cell, he sends his wild
troops to the Niger Delta and killed several hundreds of people at a blow in  order to silence them while the regime robs them.  Can Jehova, God of  Abraham forgive such inhuman and bloody crime?

We pray that Obasanjo will be alive, but weep, when our people will  celebrate the independence of the Niger Delta by the grace of God Almighty.   Our people are proposing to build a filthy cemetery for murderers; and they  will call it "Obasanjo Memorial Cemetery". Toilet waste, filth and rubbish  will be deposited in part of it, and the rest part will be burial ground for criminals convicted of murder throughout the Niger Delta.  We will do that  to remind the young generations of the Niger Delta people that when we were  forced to be part of the monster called Nigeria, a ruler from Abuja killed  several hundreds of our people by bomb even as other people all over the  world were celebrating the second millennium of the birth of our Lord Jesus  Christ.  A period we spent in sorrow.

Don Ekong
For Niger Delta Republic Movement.