Workshop Application

1. First Name:                                        2. Last Name (Surname):

3. Organization/Institution:

4. Mailing Address:

5. Country and postal code:

6. Telephone: (home) (work)

7. Fax number:

8. E-mail address:

9. Describe your organization/project and the communities with whom the organization works. What is your role in the organization/project?

10. How long have you been involved with this work or projects relevant to

the conference?

11. What is your particular interest in the conference theme?

Please tick those that apply.

______Violence against women (protecting women during conflict and in the aftermath; violence prevention; healing from the trauma)

______Women organizing in wartime for survival and in peacetime to build the new social order

______From reconstruction to transformation: import and impact of war-related shifts in gender relations; changes in material status of women (for example, poverty, loss of access to land); demographic changes (for example, more widows, fewer men, more polygamous marriages, rising birth rates)

______Healing: problems of identity, solidarity, and reconciliation (ethnic/religious identity in intermarriage and in the aftermath; women's solidarity across ethnic/religious lines; the roles in healing of truth and reconciliation commissions, international criminal tribunals, and national courts)

______Relation of the state to society in the aftermath (new legal and service structures, for example, legal reform of women's access to land, public health services)

12. What have been the key challenges in your work?

13. Have you attended other international, regional or national programs? (Please describe)

14. Why do you want to attend the conference on the Aftermath?

Are there specific goals and objectives you seek from your participation? Are there specific skills and training you want to acquire at the conference?

15. What skills and/or experiences from your country would you like to share with other participants?

16. How do you plan to bring ideas and strategies from the conference back to your organization and community? Are you connected to projects or networks that could help disseminate materials and strategies?

17. Areas of your organization's focus (please check all that apply)        education/ communication               national or local advocacy           legal strategies           international advocacy              documentation/ human rights           reporting direct service/ service delivery

other (please specify):_____________________________

18. How did you hear about the conference on the aftermath?

19. Please attach a one-page personal statement describing yourself and your work (do not send a résumé, curriculm vitae, or bio-data).

Please return the application to

The Aftermath Conference Office
P O Box 72147 Parkview 2122 South Africa
Tel 27 11 788 2736 Tel/Fax 011 788 3299

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