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Urhobo Historical Society's

Eighth Annual Conference & General Meeting

November 26 - 29, 2009


Ishaka Hotel, Refinery Road, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria

Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun,
Delta State, Nigeria

Ovu Community Hall, Ovu,
Delta State, Nigeria

The Editorial & Management Committee of Urhobo Historical Society cordially invites all Urhobo sons and daughters, as well as friends, scholars, and students of Urhobo history and culture, to participate in our Eighth Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting, which will be held on November 26 - 29, 2009.

*      Ishaka Hotel, Refinery Road, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
*      Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
*      Ovu Community Hall, Ovu, Delta State, Nigeria

About Urhobo Historical Society

Established in August 1999, Urhobo Historical Society provides a forum for the publication of works in Urhobo history and culture. URHOBO WAADO, Web site of Urhobo Historical Society, also highlights issues of  oil pollution and environmental degradation in Nigeria's Niger Delta. Besides its defence of Urhobo interests in general, Urhobo Historical Society has provided a valuable documentation of Urhobo history and culture hitherto unknown in cyberspace. Our main web site has emerged as an important reference point for Urhobo history and culture. Our publication of British "Treaties of Protection" in the Western Niger Delta in the 1880s and 1890s has compelled an opportunity for a fresh re-examination of the history of Warri City and of the Western Niger Delta. Through its web sites, Urhobo Historical Society has also become a strong voice in defence of Niger Delta interests.   

Urhobo Historical Society also propagates its mission of "Serving Urhobo History and Culture" through its Annual Conferences. The first two Annual Conferences of the Society were held in North America. We held our First Annual  Conference and Meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, on November 3-5, 2000 . Senator David O. Dafinone was the Keynote Speaker. Our Second Annual Conference and Meeting took place in Persipanny, New Jersey, USA, on November 2-4, 2001. Its scope was limited as a result of the disruptions in international travel, after the attack in New York on September 11, 2001, which prevented Nigerian participants from travelling to North America.

Our Third Annual Conference was held in London on November 1-3, 2002. Chief D. A. Obiomah was our Special Guest of Honour in the Third Annual Conference and Meeting; Professor David Okpako gave its keynote address; and Olorogun Felix Ibru, first civilian Governor of Delta State, presided over the opening ceremonies. Our Fourth Annual Conference was also held in London, October 31 - November 2, 2003. Deacon Gamaliel Onosode and Governor James Ibori were the Conference's Special Guests of Honour; Olorogun Moses Taiga, represented by Chief Godwin Ogbetuo, was the scheduled Chair of the Opening Ceremony; and the Very Reverend Prof. Samuel Erivwo delivered the Fourth Annual Conference's keynote address.

Our Fifth Annual Conference was held at Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Ibru Centre, Agbarha-Otor, and Niger Delta Cultural Centre, Agbarha-Otor on October 29-31, 2004. It was the first convention of Urhobo Historical Society held in Urhoboland. Attendance was international, with Urhobos in North America and Europe registering a strong presence. It was coordinated by a formidable team of Urhobo leaders, led by Chief Johnson Ukueku, Dr. T. E A. Salubi, and Chief Johnson Barovbe. The Opening Ceremonies were presided over by General D. E. Obada (rtd), representing Justice V. E. Ovie-Whiskey (rtd). Senator David Dafinone was recognized as Chief Patron. Olorogun Moses Taiga was the Conference's Special Guest of Honour. A book, Warri City & British Colonial Rule in Western Niger Delta, edited by Peter Ekeh and published by Urhobo Historical Society, was launched. Chief E. K. Clark served as Chairman of the launching ceremony, Professor F. M. A. Ukoli reviewed the book, and Olorogun Moses Taiga was the its Chief Launcher. A second book, Where Gods and Mortals Meet: Continuity & Renewal in Urhobo Art, edited by Perkins Foss, was also launched. Chief Johnson Ukueku presided at this ceremony,  and Mr. Goodie Ibru, represented by Samson Okuesa, served as the Chief Launcher. A central event of each of the Society's Annual Conferences is the keynote address. Professor Omafume Onoge delivered the Fifth Annual Conference's keynote address. This conference added a new theme to the Society's conventions: an Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service. It was held at the Ibru Centre, Agbarha-Otor, and was presided over by Monseigneur Anthony Erhueh of the Catholic Cathedral, Warri City, and the Very Reverend Professor Samuel Erivwo of the Anglican (Communion) Cathedral, Warri City, with a large attendance.

The Sixth Annual Conference of Urhobo Historical Society, October 20-23, 2005, was an expansive undertaking. Presided over by retired Justice Akpiroro, its opening ceremony featured an Isoko delegation whose leader, Chief James Otobo, addressed the gathering on difficulties in Urhobo Isoko relations. Professor Obaro Ikime gave the conference's keynote address on Isoko-Urhobo relations. A twelve-month calendar featuring Urhobo cultural themes and episodes from past UHS conferences was launched, with Simeon Ohwofa as its chief launcher. Also launched was a second book from UHS, Studies in Urhobo Culture. It was reviewed by Dr. Hope Eghagha of the University of Lagos. Olorogun Oskar Ibru served as its chief launcher.  On Sunday, November 6, 2005, following a moving open-air  Ecumenical Church Service at Sapele Athletic Club, there was a memorable Women's Forum that featured traditional Urhobo brides. Olorogun Moses Taiga was recognized as the Conference's Chief Patron.

The Society's Seventh Annual Conference, held on November 3-6, 2006, was especially productive. The Opening Ceremony was presided over by Chief Johnson Ukueku. The presence of His Majesty Orhueh I Orodje of Okpe added an exceptional royal colour which had been absent from our previous Conferences. UHS launched its third major book: History of the Urhobo People of Niger Delta at a packed gathering. Two leading experts on the geography and agriculture of Urhoboland, Professor Albert Aweto and Professor Malachy Akoroda, both of the University of Ibadan, delivered two lectures on the rainforests of Urhoboland and on cassava farming in the region of Urhoboland. At the Thanksgiving Session on Sunday, November 5, 2006, an Ecumenical Service was conducted by Rev. Fr. Jude Obiunu.

Book Fair 

We strongly urge publishers and sellers of any types of books on Urhobo history and culture to participate in a book fair at the venues of the Conference. Space will be made available at all three designated venues of the Conference for the display and sale of any type of publication on Urhobo, including those on Urhobo's twenty-two cultural units. We would like to publish information on participants and their book products in the Web sites of Urhobo Historical Society. We recommend that participants should provide such information in electronic formats (e.g., computer disks) to UHS Secretary, Mr. Andrew Edevbie, at the venues of the Conference.

Call For Papers

Our conferences emphasize academic content of relevance to Urhobo affairs. The concerns of the Conference will be transacted in (a) round table panels featuring special topics; (b) academic sessions; and (c) Annual General Meeting for members of Urhobo Historical Society. We welcome papers on all aspects of Urhobo history and culture, especially those that relate to the main theme of the Conference. Please contact the Conference Chair, Dr. Isaac James Mowoe, at with your thoughts and suggestions for a conference paper. Also copy all correspondence on the Conference to UHS Secretary, Mr. Andrew Edevbie, at

* * *


Conference ThemePeace and Personal Security in Urhoboland

THURSDAY, November 26, 2009

Venue: Ishaka Hotel Refinery Road, Effurun, Nigeria

12:00n -- 3:00 p.m. Annual General Meeting  


Venue: Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Nigeria

09:00 -- 12:30 Opening Ceremonies:

Chairman: Olorogun Moses Taiga
Special Guest of Honour: Deacon Gamaliel Onosode
Royal Guest of Honour: His Majesty Orhueh I, Orodje r' Okpe

Chief Guest of Honour: Olorogun Felix Ibru, President General, Urhobo Progress Union

Review of UHS Publication: T. E. A. Salubi: Witness to British Colonial Rule in Urhoboland & Nigeria

Reviewers: Professor Simon Umukoro & Dr. Sunny Awhefeada, DELSU, Abraka

Launching of
T. E. A. Salubi: Witness to British Colonial Rule in Urhoboland & Nigeria
Chief Launcher: (To be announced.)


 Plenary Address:

Chairman: Isaac Ikoyo-Eweto, Ph.D., Former Registrar, DELSU, Abraka; National President, Association of Fish Farmers and Aquaculturists of Nigeria (AFFAN) & National Chairman, United Fisheries Association of Nigeria.

Lecturer: Solomon Ovie, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Water & Fisheries Research, NIFFER, New Bussa, Nigeria

"Fish and Fisheries of Urhoboland: An Investment Option"

2:00  -- 3:30 p.m.  Lunch
Luncheon Lecture:

Chairman: Professor Bright Ekuerhare, Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Economics, DELSU, Abraka

Lecturer: Bernard J. O. Efiuvwevwere, Ph.D., Professor Microbiology & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Topic: “Preservation of Some Common Urhobo Foods”

3:30 -- 5:00 p.m. Group Photographs




Venue: Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Nigeria

 09:00 --12: 30 a.m.

Plenary Session on Peace and Personal Security in Urhoboland

Chair: Chief General Patrick Aziza, Deputy President-General, Urhobo Progress Union
Lecture (Topic to be announced) 

First Roundtable -- Scope of the Personal Security Crisis in Urhoboland

12:30 -- 2:00 p.m.

Lunch Break

02:00 -- 5:00 p.m.

Plenary Session on Current Methods for Combatting Violence in Urhoboland:

Chairman: Dr. Peter Obakponovwe, President-General, Agbon
Panel (To be announced).
Second Roundtable  --  Community Efforts at Combatting Violence and Crime


SUNDAY,  NOVEMBER 29, 2009                 Thanksgiving Service & Urhobo Language Matters

 Venue: Ovu Community Hall, Ovu, Nigeria

Royal Guests of Honour: His majesty Okpara I, Ovie r' Agbon and His Majesty Ogoni-Oghoro I, Ohworode  r' Olomu
Chief Guest of Honour: Olorogun Felix Ibru, President General, Urhobo  Progress Union

09:00 -- 12:00n

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service

Officiating Priests: Monsgr. Anthony Erhueh & Professor Reverend Samuel Erivwo

Remembering UPU's Founding Fathers and UHS & Urhobo Service Awards

Chairman: Major-David General Ejoor

Toast of Three Ovu Presidents of Urhobo Brotherly Society and Urhobo Progress Union by Chief Dr. F. O. Esiri, one of the longest-serving officers, including President-General, of Urhobo Progress Union.

UHS & Urhobo Service Awards

12:00 -- 1:00 p.m.

Lunch Break

1:00 --  2:45 p.m. 

First Urhobo Language Roundtable: The Role of Schools and Delta State Government Policy

Chairwoman: Mrs. C. Bakpa, Warri

Presentation by UHS London Branch led by Chief S. S. Obruche

(Panel Discussion follows. Panelists to be announced later.)

2:45 -- 3:00 p.m.


3:00 -- 5:00 p.m.

Second Urhobo Language Roundtable:  Practical Measures for Regaining Command of Urhobo Language

Co-Chairs:  Mrs. V. O.  Akpobome (School Proprietor and former Principal of several girs' secondary schools) and Mrs.  Emuobo Ibru (Sponsor of  Urhobo Culture and Language Group, Lagos)

Panel to be arranged


 Isaac James Mowoe, Ph.D., J.D.
Conference and Communique Committee

Chief J. M. Barovbe, JP, BA (Hons), MBA.
Conference Organizing Committee in Nigeria
01-497-0072 (Home); 01-774-7959 (Office);

             080-233-68440 (Mobile)

October 13, 2009