A Photo Gallery of 8th UHS Annual Conference
Held at Effurun and Ovu, Urhoboland, Delta State, Nigeria, 27-29 November, 2009


Photo Gallery Compiled by Peter Ekeh.
Urhobo and UHS Service Awards

Two sets of awards are featured in the Annual Conferences of Urhobo Historical Society. First, there are seven awards named after heroes of the Urhobo people. Second, there are awards that the Editorial and Management Committee of Urhobo Historical Society selects for awards to those who have served Urhobo people well in various fields as well as those who have been benefactors of the Society. A total of eighteen men and women received these awards at Ovu. Professor Peter Ekeh, Chairman of the Editorial and Management Committee and Dr. Aruegodore Oyiborhoro, Chairman of Urhobo Service Awards Committee, explained the purposes of these awards to the assembly of Urhobo kings, chieftains and people that gathered at Ovu Grammar School on 29 November, 2009.

November 29, 2009
Ovu Grammar School, Ovu, Urhoboland, Nigeria



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Opening Ceremony

Academic Sessions

UHS Ovu Cultural Day

Memorial Wreath-Laying

Memorial Wreaths: Okoro

Memorial Wreaths: Okpodu

Memorial Wreaths: Salubi

Memorial Wreaths: Mrs. Mowoe

Memorial Wreaths: Mrs. Okumagba


UHS Thanksgiving Service

 Awards Ceremony       

  Awards Ceremony: Chief  Johnson Ukueku

Awards Ceremony: Chief E. K. Clark

Awards Ceremony: Onigu Otite

Awards Ceremony: Sam Erivwo

Awards Ceremony: Oghenekaro

Awards Ceremony: V. O. Akpobome


Awards Ceremony: C. Bakpa


Awards Ceremony: L. U. Ighomrore

Awards Ceremony: Gordon Mukoro

Awards Ceremony: Felix Ibru


Awards Ceremony:Moses Taiga


Awards Ceremony: J. Barovbe


Awards Ceremony: S. S. Obruche


Awards Ceremony: Oskar Ibru


Awards Ceremony: Helen Ekeh


Awards Ceremony: Onakpoma

Awards Ceremony: Victoria Obruche

Awards Ceremony: Margaret Barovbe

UPU President-General at Ovu

Urhobo Aristocracy at  the Conference  

 Venerable Participants


Personalities at the Conference





Professor Peter Ekeh, Chairman of Urhobo Historical Society and its Editorial and Management Committee, explains to the assembly of the Urhobo people gathered at Ovu Grammar School on 29 November 2009 the puropse of the awards and the criteria employed by the Society for making its service awards.


Dr. Aruegodore Oyiborhoro, Chairman of the Awards Committee of Urhobo Historical Society, explains the basis for the selection by his Committee for the awards made by the Society in 2009 for Urhobo Service Awards.