A Photo Gallery of 8th UHS Annual Conference
Held at Effurun and Ovu, Urhoboland, Delta State, Nigeria, 27-29 November, 2009

Photo Gallery Compiled by Peter Ekeh.
UHS Ovu Cultural Day

November 29, 2009

For its 2009 Annual Conference, Urhobo Historical Society chose Ovu as the venue of its Thanksgiving Ceremonies that conclude the Society's Annual Conferences. By Urhobo standards, Ovu is a still small town. Yet it has produced the highest number of Presidents of Urhobo Progress Union. In accepting  UHS's invitation as a Special Guest of Honour at the celebration, Olorogun Felix Ibru, President-General of Urhobo Progress Union, decided to honour the three Presidents of the Union who hailed from Ovu and are buried there. The Ovu Community also wanted the President-General to include the wives of two past Presidents who were also from Ovu and are buried in Ovu. The ensuing wreath-laying festivities together with colourful Thanksgiving Services as well as awards that were handed to recipients by Kings and other Urhobo leaders turned the Ovu celebrations into an unprecedented memorable occasion in the records of Urhobo Historical Society.

This page and several other pages that follow it convey a sense of the dignity of the celebrations.


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Opening Ceremony

Academic Sessions

UHS Ovu Cultural Day

Memorial Wreath-Laying

Memorial Wreaths: Okoro

Memorial Wreaths: Okpodu

Memorial Wreaths: Salubi

Memorial Wreaths: Mrs. Mowoe

Memorial Wreaths: Mrs. Okumagba

UHS Thanksgiving Service

 Awards Ceremony

 Awards Ceremony: Chief  Johnson Ukueku

 Awards Ceremony: Chief E. K. Clark

Awards Ceremony: Onigu Otite

Awards Ceremony: Sam Erivwo

Awards Ceremony: Oghenekaro

Awards Ceremony: Felix Ibru

Awards Ceremony: Moses Taiga

Awards Ceremony: Ighomrore

Awards Ceremony: Gordon Mukoro

Awards Ceremony: J. Barovbe

Awards Ceremony: S. S. Obruche

Awards Ceremony: Oskar Ibru

Awards Ceremony: V. O. Akpobome

Awards Ceremony: C. Bakpa

Awards Ceremony: Helen Ekeh

Awards Ceremony: O. Oyiborhoro

Awards Ceremony: V. Obruche

Awards Ceremony: M. Barovbe

UPU President-General at Ovu

Urhobo Aristocracy at  the Conference

Venerable Participants

  Personalities at the Conference






His Majesty Okpara I, Ovie r' Agbon, reads a paper expressing pride in the greatness of the smallest cultural division in his kingdom that has produed such sterling Urhobo leaders as Chief Omorohwovo Okoro, Chief John Okpodu, and Chief T. E. A. Salubi and many others.


His Majesty Orhueh I, Orodje r' Okpe (left), His Majesty Okpara I, Ovie r' Agbon, and Chief General (rtd.) David Ejoor.
David Ejoor grew up at Ovu and attended the historic elementary school Isiokolo N.A. School at Agbon Headquarters. He served as the Chairman of the Thanksgiving ceremonies.


Professor John Enaohwo, Vice-Chancellor, Delta State University and President of Ovu Union, welcomes Chief E. K. Clark to Ovu. Dr. Enaohwo was a Chief Co-Host of the Ceremonies..


Chief Johnson Barovbe chats with His Majesty Orhueh I, Orodje r' Okpe and Okpara I, Ovie r' Agbon. Chief Barovbe, proprietor of Westminster Secondary School, Lagos, and a prominent Ovu businessman served as a Chief Co-Host of the Thanksgiving Ceremonies.


Mrs. Emuobo Ibru, a leader of an Urhobo language development group in Lagos, reads a prepared statement on Urhobo language.


Chiefly participants


Participants from neighbouring Okpara Inland and Kokori Inland, Mr. Thaddeus Ekeh and Madan Cecilia Ekeh are at the left


Participants from the Ovu Community.


His Majesty Ogoni-Oghoro I, Owhorode r' Olomu, brought the ceremonies to a close with stirring prayers.