A Photo Gallery of 8th UHS Annual Conference
Held at Effurun and Ovu, Urhoboland, Delta State, Nigeria, 27-29 November, 2009

Photo Gallery Compiled by Peter Ekeh.
Memorial Wreath-Laying at the Grave Site of
Chief T. E. A. Salubi
President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (1961-1983).

November 29, 2009
Ovu, Urhoboland, Nigeria



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UPU President-General at Ovu


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Dr. Thomas Akpomudiare Salubi (right), Chief T. E. A. Salubi's heir, welcomes Professor John Enaohwo, President of Ovu Union, to the grave site of his father. Chief Young Obenobe of the UPU looks on.


Dr. T. E. A. Salubi welcomes Olorogun Felix Ibru, President-General of Urhobo Progress Union, to the Salubi Mansion where Chief T. E. A. is buried.


 Olorogun Felix Ibru lays a wreath at the elevated grave site of Chief T. E. A. Salubi. Observing at his right are Chief Young Obenobe, UPU Spokesman, and Simeon Ohwofa, Vice President, Urhobo Social Club, Lagos. Watching at Olorogun Ibru's left are Professor John Enaohwo and Chief Johnson Barovbe.


Olorogun Felix Ibru steps back from the grave site of Chief T. E. A. Salubi.


Olorogun Felix Ibru and his colleagues ponder the significance of the ocassion.


Chief T. E. A. Salubi's eldest children -- Chief (Mrs.) Benedicta Nwariaku and Chief Dr. Thomas Akpomudiare Salubi -- are surrounded by extended family members and friends to savour this grand occasion as they stood before the magnificent statue of their father.


A view of the grand grave site of Chief T. E. A. Salubi.


A view of the distinguished bronze statue of T. E. A. Salubi at his grave site.