Urhobo Historical Society

Annual General Meeting Held on November 5, 2000
At Hampton Inn at The Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Minutes of the General Meeting

In Attendance:

After a brief opening statement by Professor Peter Ekeh, Chair of UHS, the meeting began in earnest and proceeded along the following issues:

Approval of the minutes of UHS General Meeting of August 28, 1999

The minutes were amended to indicate that Mrs. Ofurhie was present at the August 28, 1999 meeting. Mrs. Ofurhie’s name had been inadvertently omitted from the list of those who were at the meeting. The minutes were subsequently approved on a motion moved by Professor Isaac Mowoe, and seconded by Mr. Andrew Edevbie.

Assignment of  Date and Avenue for the 2001 UHS Conference & General Meeting

The full House accepted the recommendation of the Editorial and Management Committee to cite the 2001 UHS Conference and Meeting at New York, New York for the weekend of November 2, 2001. Dr. Aruegodore Oyiborhoro, a New York resident was nominated as the Host of the 2001 Convention and was charged with responsibility of working with the Editorial and Management Committee to facilitate all necessary arrangements for the convention.

Term of Office for Members of the Editorial and Management Committee

The House also accepted the recommendation of the Editorial and Management Committee to extend the term of office for its members for another two years for a total of three years beginning September, 1999. Members were exhorted to persuade those within the ranks who have become inactive to become active.

Frequency of Board Meetings by Members of the Editorial and Management Committee

Members of the Editorial and Management Committee agreed to hold a board meeting every quarter, beginning at the end of March 2001. The meetings will be conducted in a form of telephone conference to be arranged and announced well in advance by Dr. Igho Natufe, Deputy Chair, and Mr. Andrew Edevbie, Secretary.

Appointment of a New Treasurer

The House approved the appointment of Mr. Edirin Erhiaganoma, to take on the office of UHS Treasurer as recommended by the Editorial and Management Committee. The new Treasurer will now have the additional or expanded role of coordinating with the Secretary to embark on aggressive fund raising and membership drive.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Andrew Edevbie, Secretary, gave a brief report, in place of Mrs. Grace Ophori, the former Treasurer, who was unable to attend the meeting. Based on information supplied by Mrs. Ophori, the financial health of UHS can be deduced as follows:

Income (from dues and donations)  $1,350.00


Check-book order  20.55
Bank charges @ $8.00/month for 6 months 48.00
Niagara Conference Space Reservation  704.00
Cyberspace Annual Renewal fee  134.55
Other Bank charges  50.00
Total Expenses  957.10

Balance as of November 5, 2000 392.90

Operating Budget for the Year 2001

Purchase of Equipment for Scanning and Making of CD-ROMS of UHS Web Site  $3,000.00

Purchase of Computer and Cost of Cable Utility for running UHS E-Mail Services  2,000.00

Purchase of additional space, Re-registration fee and Rental of UHS Web Site  1,000.00

Cost of Acquiring and Preparing Documents for UHS Web Site 1,000.00

Total Expenditure excluding Cost of Hosting UHS 2001 Convention  $8,000.00

Sources of Funds for UHS Activities

1. Membership dues of $50.00 (charter membership dues of $200 or more is optional)

2. Levy. Each member of the Editorial and Management Committee is required to pay $200.00.  Every other member is to pay $100.00, each.

3. Donations and Sponsorship of Specific UHS projects

4. All the proceeds realized from UHS 2000 Convention at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada have been earmarked for initial source of funding for UHS 2001 Convention


Other Business

1. UHS Database for Urhobo Professionals in Diaspora

At the urging of  Senator David Dafinone and Professor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor, the House nominated Mr. Andrew Edevbie, Secretary and Mr. Edirin Erhiaganoma, Treasurer to begin work on the framework of the required database. Both officers are also charged with the collection of information for inclusion in the database once the format is established.

2. Youth Page for UHS Web Site

Professor Peter Ekeh, Editor of UHS Web Site called on young Urhobo to help manage the youth page of the site. Professor Joseph Inikori suggested that the Editorial and Management Committee needs to develop guidelines for the page to assist prospective volunteers to decide on how to help

Minutes were prepared from UHS 2000 Convention Notes by
Mr. Andrew Edevbie, Secretary, Urhobo Historical Society
December 27, 2000