Urhobo Historical Society

Omene Slams Ekeh over Mosogar

Comments by Chief Joe Omene



Published front page of The Urhobo Voice, May 12, 2008


PRESIDENT-General of Mosogar Development Union (MDU), Chief Joe Omene has slammed Prof. Peter Ekeh, founding Chairman and Editor of Urhobo Historical Society (UHS), over his recent comments that the recent creation and recognition of Mosogar Kingdom from Idjerhe (Jesse) by the Delta State Government was a great violation of Urhobo history and culture.


Chief Omene reacted to Prof. Ekeh’s comment while speaking with newsmen at Mosogar recently.


According to him: “The man (Prof. Ekeh) is not a good story teller because if he was one, he would have known before now that the word Mosogar and the word Idjerhe are not the same. They have two different Oguedion (traditional ruling council). We celebrate different Iyere festival. We have different celebrations.”


Continuing, the Ejorofo of Mosogar said that Jesse and Mosogar came together because the white man joined them for administrative convenience. “That does not make them the same people he said pointing out that Ughelli, for example has many kingdoms because  “they re Ughelli people.”


Chief Omene asked: “Why are Ughelli people divided into various kingdom? Is the word Ughelli a misnormer? Ekeh should think about himself and how he is going to developed his community in Urhoboland and not how he is going to cause confusion in various communities.”


The PG of MDU noted that he was not bothered by the statement of Prof. Ekeh because the president General of UPU, Olorogun Felix Ibru, has said that the trend of new kingdoms was a welcome development provided they meet the requirements.


Chief Omene also said that the people he respected in Urhobo land were those who could bring development to their people, pointing out that Mosogar people were proud of their ability to develop their community with or without government aid.


“For example, we have the largest and the most beautiful town hall in Urhoboland without government input. We have the largest and most beautiful Civic Centre also in Urhobo land, which no other community has been able to match without one kobo from government. Mosogar is currently building one of the largest palaces in Urhoboland which can match the palace of the Orodje of Okpe kingdom. We are the only community in Urhoboland that has its own swimming poll,” chief Omene added.


He further stated that the clamour for Mosogar Kingdom started in 1988, noting that there were three sub-clans in Jesse, namely Mosogar, Jesse Central and Onyobru, advising that those who have the means should form a body that would develop Jesse in order to create employment for the youths, instead of dissipating energy on the creation of Mosogar kingdom.